Voice of MUG

Voice of MUG

As members of the Mitel User Group, your collective voice holds significant influence in shaping the direction and evolution of Mitel’s products and services.

  1. Collective Influence to Mitel: By coming together as a community, the shared insights, experiences, and feedback provide invaluable guidance to Mitel in understanding user needs, challenges, and priorities.

  2. Direct Feedback Loop: Your input serves as a direct feedback loop to Mitel’s product development teams. By sharing your thoughts, suggestions, and feature requests, you play a crucial role in influencing the roadmap for future enhancements and innovations. Mitel values your feedback and actively listens to ensure that its solutions continue to evolve in ways that address your evolving needs.

  3. MUG Collaboration: The MUG community serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and best practice exchange among peers. By participating actively in the community, you not only contribute to the collective knowledge base but also benefit from the insights and experiences of fellow members. 

  4. Influence Strategy: Your collective voice can also influence Mitel’s strategic direction and priorities. As Mitel seeks to stay ahead of industry trends, respond to market dynamics, and anticipate future needs, your feedback helps inform strategic decisions that shape the long-term direction of the company. Your insights are instrumental to help Mitel meet your evolving needs. 

The shared voice the membership is a powerful force for driving positive change. By actively engaging in the community, providing feedback, and collaborating with peers, you have the opportunity to shape the future of Mitel’s products and services in ways that directly benefit you and your organizations.

So, how do you make your voice heard?

Voice of MUG Group

The Voice of MUG is a specific group of individuals that are interested in giving direct feedback about various Mitel & MUG initiatives. 

Join the group below to have the opportunity to participate in engagements with fellow MUG members that will enable you to share your thoughts directly with MUG and Mitel.  You may leverage the discussion board to talk with fellow users about ideas, challenges or recommendations. This platform is your opportunity to converse user-to-user on your shared experiences.

Members of the Voice of MUG group may also be leveraged as opportunities for focus groups arise. 

Mitel's UserVoice

Do you have an idea for Mitel? Share your thoughts directly with the Mitel team via UserVoice. Mitel values the input from users and would like to know what you’d like to see in future versions of Mitel Products.  Share your thoughts or vote on others’ ideas.
This page is for product-related suggestions and ideas only. Product issues and bugs can be reported by Mitel partners via the TechCentral Tracker. For Mitel partners and employees who want to share non-product related ideas and insights to support continuous improvement and increase mutual success, please visit PartnerVoice via MiAccess (https://partnervoice.mitel.com).

Have an idea but not sure where to share? Feel free to email MUG at [email protected]. The community is independent from Mitel and welcomes input and ideas from all members. Your email will addressed by a member of the MUG staff.