Voice of MUG

Are you eager to share your feedback and engage with fellow MUG members in various feedback opportunities with Mitel? Indicate your interest today! 

About Voice of MUG: 

The Voice of MUG is a specific group of individuals that are interested in giving direct feedback about various Mitel & MUG initiatives. 

By submitting your interest to Voice of MUG, you have the opportunity to participate in engagements with fellow MUG members that will enable you to share your thoughts directly with MUG and Mitel. Your interest gives you the opportunity to be chosen for various feedback initiatives.  

Please note, the consistency of feedback needs will vary & the indication of interest does not solidify you for any engagements. Each unique opportunity will be shared as they become available.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is expected of me?  

Nothing! You can engage as little or as much as you want.  

What’s in it for me? 

You have the opportunity to give your direct feedback and drive a collective customer voice to Mitel and the Mitel User Group.  

What is the frequency of opportunities? 

Opportunities will be shared on an as needed basis. The frequency of these opportunities will differ depending on the current program and feedback needs.   

How long is each engagement?  

This varies too! We encourage you to indicate the time investment you are wiling to make when you share your interest.  

Still have questions?  

Please reach out to memberservices@mitelusergroup.com with any questions.