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From the MiCC Tip Desk

By Patrick McDowell MiCC Customer AdvocateThis month’s tip is a quick one concerning IVR audio prompts.

Add your audio prompts to a workflow using the “Quick Add Prompt” feature of an IVR play activity - the audio encoding will be automagically converted to the correct 8Khz 64kb/s CCITT uLAW format required by IVR. You simply need to have a file in WAV format, copy that file into your IVR Media\Custom\EN-US (for US English) folder and browse to it when using the quick-add prompt feature. [In IVR workflow canvas editor, add a play activity, and then right click on it to reveal the quick-add prompt feature].

If you are using a third party audio recorder for your prompts and are building them with the standard Add Prompt builder, then you must ensure that these audio files are encoded correctly to 8Khz 64kb/s CCITT uLAW prior to being able to use them within IVR. The easiest and most sure-fire way to ensure prompts are in the correct format is to use the quick-add prompt function.

If your prompts are not in the correct format, your customers will not hear audio when you expect them to and your system will trigger Alarm #15 – IVR Bad Audio File.



Never An End State: Make Evaluating Your Business Phone System A Habit

In any organization, and with all technologies, change is a constant. Businesses grow. They adapt to new market conditions and emerging opportunities. They hire new employees and promote or transfer others. At the same time, technology advances. Your “new” phone system is enhanced with upgrades and additional features. It boils down to this: There’s never an end state—for your business or your technology.

That’s why companies should routinely evaluate whether they’re getting as much as possible from their business phone system.

Start by making it a habit to ask questions. Has usage remained steady, or fallen off in the months since deployment? Are employees aware of newly added features? Do they use the system wisely? Is it still meeting your business needs a year after rollout? Two years after? Three?

Then, use these best practices to keep your business moving toward effective use...

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