MUG Newsletter: June 2020 Issue

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MUGpro Did You Know?

Feature Highlight: Exclusive Virtual Event Experience

At our recent virtual event, MUGpro members were able to connect directly with Mitel Product Marketing to give instant feedback. In this exclusive session, they discussed many topics ranging from on premise hardware to cloud migration to COVID-19 impacts on the workplace. MUGpro members and Mitel alike enjoyed the open conversation and live troubleshooting that occurred. We'll be continuing the conversation throughout the year. An exclusive virtual event experience is just one of the many benefits of MUGpro!

In addition to the feedback session, all virtual event attendees were given access to a Professional Development session hosted by Sheri-Lynne Leskiw, Director of Organizational Development & Talent at Mitel, as she discussed Developing a Growth Mindset. Attendees said it best with, "she's very knowledgeable" and "great content" these were just a few of the glowing recommendations for this session. If you're looking to change your outlook in the workplace, we highly encourage you to check out Sheri-Lynne's session.

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From the MiCC Business Tip Desk
Written By: Patrick McDowell, MiCC Customer Advocate

On June 11th The Mitel User Group held a virtual event that had more than 650 people join us for Mitel's keynote address, presentations, a Q&A session with an up-and-coming comic named Jay Leno (you may have heard of him), and dozens of vendors / partners sharing a wealth of information. I had the pleasure of being one of the “Ask the Expert” speakers and in case you were not able to attend the session, I’ll share here what I shared there.

In my ongoing series of IVR tips and tricks, this month I’ll talk about troubleshooting during workflow design. The Email activity is an awesome ‘breakpoint’. If you need to know what values variables have at a specific point in the workflow, put an email activity into your workflow at that point and have the system send you an email with the information you are looking for. No need to go looking in the service logs to see what values a variable had at a certain point anymore! You’ve got mail!

If you have a multimedia licensed system, then complex workflow design gets even easier. Let’s say you are designing a voice workflow to do area code based routing. In a previous article I wrote about “string theory” I showed you how to extract the 3 digit area code from an 11 digit phone number Build a test version of your voice workflow in chat! Have chat ASK (input) you the 11 digit phone number, process the number with your logic, then have the chat SAY (output) the area code, call destination, etc. You can test all of your workflow logic in ‘realtime’ and prove out your design before going live and then look like an absolute superstar when you sling that logic over to your voice workflow and it works on the very production call.

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Telehealth Tips for COVID-19: How To Safeguard Patient Data

Mitel Blog: May 26, 2020

With social distancing measures in place to combat the COVID-19 virus, healthcare providers are rethinking how they deliver patient care. Many routine visits have been canceled indefinitely, but other appointments—follow-up visits after surgery or mental health checkups, for example—are time-sensitive. Many offices are advising patients not to physically come into the office if they think they might have the coronavirus in an effort to stop the spread. To ensure patients get the right care when they need it most, more doctors have turned to telehealth. Read more here.