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Mitel's new Video Training Hub

Are you a Heritage ShoreTel, Clearspan or a MiContact Center Business customer looking for free training? Look no further. Mitel's Technical Enablement team is pleased to offer a new Video Training Hub that is fully accessible from the new website.

Have a closer look at the content that has been made available free of charge, click here!

Also a reminder, Mitel still offers a full suite of end user device training that is also totally free of charge. Click now to get started.

From the MiContact Center Business tip desk…

By Patrick McDowell – Mitel MiCC Customer Advocate
Optimize Agent Utilization and Improve Customer Experience with MiContact Center IVR Callbacks

The majority of contact centers receive their call volume in somewhat predictable spikes - there will be times when your agents are sitting idle waiting for that next call.  You can reduce the amount of idle time and improve customer experience with the use of IVR Callbacks. This allows your customers to leave a callback request to have an agent call them back. The customers are offered the choice to choose when they receive the callback, or they can just request to be next in line when the inbound queues are not busy. Your customers do not have to wait on hold for long periods of time and your quieter times can be used to return the customer calls – all automatically and transparent to the agent. To them, it will just be like receiving another inbound call. They will be presented options such as being able to hear the customer’s pre-recorded message and being connected to the caller.

There are many benefits to using callbacks - Your queue hold times and abandoned rates can improve, customer satisfaction can improve by lowering on hold wait times, and more importantly, your workforce can be more effectively utilized during off-peak traffic times.

The IVR system as outlined in some of my previous articles is a very powerful beast and limited only by your imagination (unless of course you are one of those with very vivid imaginations, in that case, your mileage may vary). We ship MiContact Center with some sample Default Callback workflows and subroutines which is an excellent foundation for implementing callbacks. You can just simply “turn them on” and use these default sample workflows or you can use them as the building blocks for something more fancy.

For a detailed look at how the callbacks work and are implemented, consult the Default Callback Workflows and Subroutines section of the MiContact Center Installation and Administration Guide available under the help > documentation link of your local CCMWeb website or on the Mitel eDocs website.