MUG Newsletter: July 2020 Issue

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Covid Considerations for Communications [Video Podcast] Mitel Blog: June 24, 2020

As we settle into what has proven to be a full immersion into a remote working culture, businesses have been forced to seriously adjust their long-term strategies. In a way, the heavy influence of our pandemic culture has made many technology decisions for us. What we're left with are questions about how to move forward.

In this latest episode of our Mitel video podcast, Mitel CMO David Silke and Cavell Research Director, Dom Black, explore these new and unforeseen Covid considerations and what it means for businesses everywhere.


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How to Keep Your Remote Workforce Motivated
Mitel Blog: July 14, 2020

As some companies move into a long-term working from home arrangement with their employees, here are the top ways to keep your team motivated along the way. Read more here.



Ground Zero: Starting a New Job in the Covid Era
Mitel Blog: June 22, 2020

Today's new hires start work in dramatically unusual circumstances. In the middle of a pandemic, they step into their new role and company virtually–from their home office, not through the corporate lobby. Instead of an in-person welcome from HR and handshakes with their team, they start off by sitting in front of their computer, with their family just a few steps away. Laptops and paperwork will be shipped to them—not handed over. Introductions to colleagues take place on video calls. Continue reading here.