MUG Newsletter: January 2019 Issue

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From the MiContact Center Tip Desk

By Patrick McDowell, MiCC Customer Advocate

Streamlining IVR workflows and improving Customer Experience.

In our ongoing look at the capabilities of the MiContact Center IVR Visual Workflow Manager, in this month's tip we're going to look at some more workflow streamlining.

When using a Query activities within your IVR workflows to lookup data about the caller or to perform routing actions, you can streamline the workflow to improve the overall customer experience by making one very tiny change that can make one big difference - move the Answer activity from the top of the workflow to farther down in the workflow, after the queries.

You do need to answer the call with the answer activity to connect to the caller, but it is possible to do some things BEFORE you answer the call. The workflow begins with the first activity in the flow, which does not have to be an answer. Queries can add a slight delay to the flow of the call, and with a complex query, customers can sometimes perceive that slight delay.

Doing complex query activities before connecting to the caller will result in a more streamlined customer experience as your queries will begin to run as the call is ringing and the results of your query will be available to the workflow without delay by the time the workflow answers the call.


How to Build a Better CISO

Allan Alford, Mitel CISO

The technology industry has long been categorized by its ability to transform at the blink of an eye. If you think back 20 years, the internet was just picking up consumer momentum and now nearly every household device is Wi-Fi enabled. Naturally this rapid adoption of emerging technology has shifted other IT markets such as security. As a direct result the IT industry has seen existing roles alter and new ones emerge, such as the CISO.

The CISO, a title skyrocketing in popularity, is now an essential part of every organization. Companies that aren’t employing a CISO need to embrace this position (and in some states quickly if they don’t want to be fined). As threats become exponentially more elaborate and the world becomes more connected the need for CISOs is undeniable.

Even if a company is based in a state where it is not mandatory, not having a CISO could be a clear indicator to a prospect or customer that security is not being taken as a priority. But with the increase in security threats and the business implications they raise, one question remains unanswered: what does it take to be an effective CISO?

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