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New Year, New MUG President

Happy New Year! As MUG’s newly elected President, I’d like to say hello to all of you around the world! The year 2020 saw incredible growth and activity for the user group. Amidst a global pandemic, we grew our membership year over year and are fast approaching 8,000 members! To put it into perspective, that is double the members from when we started in 2016! This year we hosted 10 webinars, launched MUGpro, held six MUG Mingles with our fellow community members, and enjoyed our annual virtual event. As we move forward in 2021, I am excited to get started in my term to work alongside the Global MUG Board to grow and to make some exciting changes for our members.

As we strive to continue to provide value to our membership, one exciting bit of news I’d like to share that is new in 2021 is Mitel Training Sessions – we’re adding them to the list of our ever-growing MUGpro benefits. If you’re not already a MUGpro member, be sure to take a look at what benefits are already offered and rest assured, more things are coming in 2021!  Don’t forget if you are a paid up Regional Group Member, you also have access to MUGpro!

We’ve got a packed calendar of MUG Mingles, Webinars, and our Annual Virtual Event …all before Summer! If you’ve got any suggestions on what you’d like to hear more about – please don’t hesitate to email us at

Warm Regards and Hopefully a Happier New Year to all of MUG in 2021!

Yours Sincerely,
Bob Baddeley
Global MUG President



Mitel Training...Did You Know? 

Mitel offers many amazing products and services to their clients and partners but even the most connected Mitel users don’t know everything about what they do in the Training department.

Here's the Top Five things you may not know about Mitel Training:

  • They offer training on ALL their products and applications. If you can purchase it from Mitel, they have training available for it.
  • They offer training in many different forms and at various cost points.  The training ranges from self-study courses, to leader-led sessions focused on end-users, to full certification courses on Mitel products. Some of this training is generalized, but much of it is consultative training, done in the customers own environments.
  • Speaking of Mitel training offerings, soon in 2021 there will be a full listing of all their self-study courses which will be made FREE to all Mitel User Group members.
  • The Mitel Training team is a diverse group, made up of many experts in all our products.  They range from Mitel's courseware development team, to their delivery team, and to Mitel support and admin groups.  Many trainers wear multiple hats, helping develop the courses that they then deliver to Mitel's students.  Most have years of experience in Training, many of them have spent decades at Mitel, with an average of 19 years experience.
  • Mitel is a multi-national company with clients in dozens of countries around the world.  They offer training in English, French, and German - with the occasional breakout to other languages such as Spanish or Portuguese.  We have local trainers in U.S. & Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, the Nordic regions, and Australia. They've traveled all over the world to conduct onsite classes -  Europe, the U.A.E., South Africa, Singapore, and China...just to name a few.