MUG Newsletter: January 2020 Issue

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Attention Mitel MiVoice Business customers on Release 5.0 through Release 9.0

Have you updated your security certificate?

Mitel has identified a security certificate requirement for MiVoice Business software including Release 5.0 through Release 9.0 SP2. Mitel and their partners are committed to servicing affected systems to ensure consistency of communications.  If you have a deployed MiVoice Business system, there are two remedies to update the security certificate:

  • Install the recently released MiVoice Business Release 9.0 Service Pack to update your MiVoice Business system to the latest version of software;
  • Install a Security Certificate Update for Release 5.0 to Release 8.0

Mitel recommends that you seek the assistance of your Mitel partner for this installation. The absence of this update will result in your MiVoice Business solution entering license violation after the 21st August, 2020.

Affected MiVoice Business solutions include the following releases (including all associated Service Packs, MiCD, Virtual and MiVoice Business Express releases):

  • Mitel Communications Director R5.0
  • Mitel Communications Director R6.0
  • MiVoice Business R7.0, R7.1 & R7.2
  • MiVoice Business R8.0
  • MiVoice Business R9.0 (prior to R9.0 SP3)

If your MiVoice Business system is on one of these releases, please contact your current Mitel Reseller directly (or through the Mitel Partner Locator) and schedule your update.  For more information about the MiVoice Business Security Certificate Update visit the security updates page at



Solidus User Group Sweden Event Recap
November 2019

In Sweden we have two user groups when it comes to Mitel products; Mitel User Group Sweden and Solidus User Group, the Solidus group focuses on the contact center platform, MiCC Enterprise.

The Solidus User Group, called SECUG, meets twice a year at a two day event with participants mainly from Sweden but also Norway and Denmark. At the event we learn, discuss, network and share experiences and knowledge from our daily work within the platform.

This past November,  people from different roles and branches immersed themselves in  two full days of MiCC Enterprise. The event began a bit different than usual, with a visit to the Swedish Tax Authority office in the city of Linköping. They are using MiCC Enterprise and during the last few years they have been digitalizing their customer contacts. During the visit we got to see live demos and presentations as well as a tour to meet some agents in the Tax information customer service division.

We focused on emerging trends in digital customer service, viewed live demos and learned how to integrate MiCC Enterprise with other platforms to get new functions and features.One important aspect of the event was learning about the importance of having a positive attitude in the contact center to increase customer experience. As we all know, this can be a daunting task but one that needs our business’ attention to provide that desired level of customer service.

Day two included an informative presentation from Mitel Sweden on the latest information about MiCC Enterprise and Mitel, as well as a large group discussion with attendees.

This highly anticipated event concluded on a high note, a great success, now onto planning the next event in April!



Mitel Appoints Tarun Loomba as Executive Vice President, UC Products and Solutions

Dallas January 13, 2020 (Business Wire)
Accomplished senior executive and transformational leader to help advance company’s strategy of taking customers to a cloud solution that is right for them

Mitel®, a global leader in business communications, announced today the appointment of Tarun Loomba as the company’s new Executive Vice President of Unified Communications Products and Solutions. Loomba will lead the product strategy and delivery for Mitel’s private cloud, hybrid cloud and on-site solutions including product management and development, customer support, and supply chain operations.

A Silicon Valley veteran, Loomba brings more than 20 years of experience in building winning product and solution portfolios for software, hardware, network storage, data analytics, and cloud technology companies. Prior to joining Mitel, Loomba served as Executive Vice President of Products and Solutions at Polycom (now Poly), where he played a key role in driving revenue growth, expanding into new market segments, developing industry partnerships, and strengthening the company’s voice portfolio with new product and cloud capabilities.