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The Essential Pocket Guide to Digital Transformation in the Cloud

By Mitel

In today’s fast-moving business landscape, the convergence of mobile, social and cloud technologies is disrupting how work is done and quickly changing the expectations customers have for the companies they do business with. To stay competitive, businesses need to connect people, devices and data in ways that increase productivity and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) play a central role in helping organizations achieve these goals. They serve as the link not only between employees but also between businesses and customers or other external stakeholders.
This guide includes practical tips to help your organization accelerate digital transformation and make the best choice when it comes to UC&C.

This pocket guide will review the following:

1 | Digital Transformation in Today’s Market
2 | Why Digital Transformation is Driving the Move to the Cloud
3 | Which Cloud? Comparing Cloud Models
4 | Finding the Right Fit: Factors to Consider
5 | Solutions & Resources

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The 6900 IP Phones: One Series for all levels of business
By Dereus Caldwell, Product Marketing Manager, Mitel

Mitel customers all around the world are raving about the many ways that the 6900 IP Series has improved their business. Users tell us that these phones have a quality look and feel, cutting-edge features, and are intuitively easy to use. With up to 6 models to chose from, the 6900 Series has your bases covered. Whether you need a durable phone for the factory floor, or are looking for something with power and presence for your executive offices, the 6900 IP Series has a phone built just for you.

Quality Matters

Line up any 6900 phone next to the competition and you can see why this series stands high above the rest. Each model showcases a sleek design that radiates elegance and professionalism.

The advanced acoustics of the microphones and speakers deliver rich audio that makes every call sound like the person on the other end is right next to you.

Hold any 6900 model and instantly feel the high-grade materials that each model is made from. Mitel prioritizes quality and believes that every model should be a testament to the effort that is taken to make sure that your investment is well worth it.

Accessories Galore

No new device can be complete without a few accessories. Well, the 6900 IP series has a lot of them. With the largest offering of add on accessories in the market, the 6900 IP series gives you the ability to tailor your phone to fit your personal working style.

Users who spend a lot majority of their time on calls can take advantage of the Integrated DECT headset designed to free up the hands of those who spend majority of their time on calls, giving them ability to multitask and move freely without being tethered to their desk.

Don’t want to get tangled up in a bunch of phone cords? Take advantage of the 6900 Bluetooth handset to pick up the phone without having to worry about that cumbersome cord getting in the way.

Do you need to have more personal keys at your disposal? The 6900s also have that covered too with the M695 Expansion Module to give you 28 more keys on a single page.

There is even the S720 Bluetooth Speakerphone available for those who want to expand the sound and microphone coverage of the 6900 phone. You can also pair the S720 with your mobile phone to turn any area into an ad-hoc conference room.

These are just a few of the many accessories and features that the 6900 IP series can offer.

The Mitel Experience

Starting in September, businesses who use MiVoice Connect will able to use the 6900s in their business to take part in an unparalleled experience of exceptional audio and seamless collaboration with a desktop portfolio that is optimized for Mitel’s leading unified communication solutions.

Visit today to learn more about the many ways the innovative 6900 IP series and can improve your business.