MUK UK&I Agenda 9th October Meeting and AGM

The agenda for the Mitel UK & I User Group Meeting is now confirmed you can download a copy from here Agenda_V2 Oct 9th Session

This session will address the following.....

Provide an update to users regarding the current organisation changes that have a relevance to the UK&I users.

Provide a product roadmap and portfolio update, this is particularly relevant as it coincides with the launch of two significant core platform updates for both the 3300 platform and the MX-One. Those being respectively the introduction of V9  and V7 core software versions. We will be seeking to understand the benefits and impact of these releases for existing users.

Britannic Technologies (Mitel Partner) providing an overview on the impact of an Application centric solutions and the demands they place upon us. This will also act as a precursor to a workshop on the 27th November focused on the MiCC Business platform.

What we describe as more of a deep dive into the Service/Support offerings from Mitel including 'SWA' and what Mitel are doing to change it to keep it relevant. We expect to cover competence management for both Mitel and Partners, processes updating for both product field trial/launch activities, SWA and Maintenance overlaps and increasing the value offered to existing end users.

AVST will offer a view on Voice and messaging. They are leaders in the field of UM/UC and can provide a unique view of the role of Voice in the Multi Media environment. AVST are a long term partner of Mitel and deliver the MiCollab Advanced Messaging part of the portfolio to the MX-One users (and to the 3300 users in North America).

The closed session will be for users only and also include AGM matters including committee voting and structural matters of group including  finances).