Why join, the obvious question?

About The Group

The UK user group has been established for a long time (twenty plus years) its primary role has remained in principle the same, our definition of that is – to look after the Mitel Enterprise business user community best interest by:

  • keeping members fully informed
  • facilitating/sharing the knowledge through regular meetings/workshops and via the web site
  • acting as a collective voice in raising related issues / problems with the vendor / partners as necessary
  • provision of free and independent advice related to the solutions implemented

Our user membership consists of public and private sector companies/organisations with a whole range of variants of vendor solutions implemented and ‘other’ peripheral applications.

What was a traditional voice communications environment has moved toward a more ‘converged multi media solution’, which can be located on premise or in the cloud or a bit of both, not to mention in a variety of physical or virtual forms. Many more choices exist for the user today and that can also represent confusion for many. There is a need to collaborate and work in cross-functional teams to deliver the types of solutions being sought, and not to forget, managing them going forward.

Sharing those experiences and best practices can prove extremely valuable to users and is one of the key functions the group delivers to its members.

For all the new technology introduced by the vendors there are many users happy to remain with their existing investments and just want to make incremental changes or just simply sweat the comms asset they have. Sharing knowledge and networking are just as important to ensure you remain informed.

We have the direct reach into the vendor (Mitel) and to partners therefore getting their attention and the message across quickly and effectively.

Whichever way you turn advice is seemingly on hand – sales people from the partners / consultants / vendors and analysts, the difference is we are all users and not trying to sell anything – our advice is really independent and free (well £150 p.a.).

What do you get?

Facilitated meetings arranged so that users can attend either workshop (part days) or one day (seminars/meetings). All food and beverages are included at the organised events. We would expect to run a ‘minimum ‘of three organised events for the members.

Meetings always include a closed user session (no vendor/partner representatives) to raise any issues or concerns. The group is supported by a web portal with a private members area with information resources and options to raise questions on-line as required. Main updates and user meeting content (presentations) are alerted via email to the members.

All membership is at the discretion of the User Group management committee.

Interested in joining ?

Come to our next meeting as a guest, contact us for details……
Our Fees are only £150 per year for membership.
Email admin@mitelusergroup.co.uk for new membership requests.