About The Group

About Us

User Group membership is drawn from a diverse range of UK public and private sector and International companies. Independence is paramount to the group and means we can ask all the questions our members want answers to, chase the topics that are important to our members and provide a forum for open debate and information exchange amongst the membership.

We encourage all of our membership to attend. Our meetings are not stuffy, boring affairs, rather they are lively and stimulating discussions on topics that are relevant to the needs of the members.

We encourage Mitel to play an active part along with other relevant vendors/suppliers at the meetings to ensure they remain informative and address the areas you wish to be kept aware of. Mitel recognise the value of such a group and they provide access to their meeting facilities for up to four formal events per year. Our main revenue source is through membership fees which we then use to pay for the additional costs of holding of events and meetings during the year and ongoing service and administration costs.

We also manage our web portal to provide information resources to members and also act as a communication vehicle for the members to raise collective issues and share/discuss topics and issues that concern them.