User Testimonials

User Testimonials

Any user group helps the customer, vendor and manufacturer be better informed. By allowing the customer access to the manufacturer, a user group actually helps provide information that the vendor may have trouble getting to all their customers. A user group gives the manufacturer direct contact with customers as to how and why they need changes to their product. I have been involved with Mitel since 1987 and having customers who are members of the Mitel User Group has actually made my job easier and the customer happier with their product. After all, aren’t we all in this together? Customer-vendor-manufacturer. We’re all trying to make our companies better than our competitors!

Mark B. Towner, President

Towner Communications Systems
The Mitel User Group gives our customers an opportunity to influence the future of their communications system. As a user group member, their input directly influences the direction of Mitel’s software, hardware and even the user interface. Being part of the user group gives our customers the opportunity to converse directly with Mitel and other users to effect change that can be of immediate benefit to their organization. As a Mitel partner, this ultimately benefits our company as well, allowing us to continue to provide our customers with the software and hardware they need to meet the needs of their business. We encourage all of our customers to join the Mitel Users Group and appreciate the feedback that the members share with us.

Mignon Ephland, President

American Telephone, Inc.
Join the user group, and you win. It’s that simple. I needed a network of people just like me that I could refer to when I had questions. I wanted a place where I could bounce off ideas or look for suggestions on specific subject matter. The monthly webinars offer some serious insight to what’s going on with Mitel as a corporation and their products. They offer company education and product training and overviews. Its a no brainer if you’re with Mitel.

Steve Ruddach, Banking Systems & Telecommunications Analyst

Libro Credit Union
I joined the Mitel User Group to learn tips, tricks, and about new products. I receive loads of new information, that I otherwise would have to search for.

Karen Meyer

Distribution Management, Inc.
We installed a new Mitel system for our three administration/support building and four technical campuses. The benefit of joining the Mitel User Group is “to gain support and knowledge of the systems and utilize them to their greatest capacity. I would recommend it fully and often.

Gerry Hollander, Telecommunications Engineer

Oakland Schools