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   Letter from the President

Just over a month ago the 2016 Mitel User Group Conference/AGM was held. The AGM was held in conjunction with the Mitel Elite Experience 2016 event in sunny San Diego, California.
This year’s 3 day event was packed with plenty of workshop/training sessions, presentations, discussion panels as well as evening events that were perfect for networking with peers.
For those that attended, thank you for taking the time and participating in this great event. We hope to see you next year!
For those that could not attend, we hope you consider attending next year. The Board has already been hard at work bouncing around lots of ideas to make this yearly event even better.
As soon as we have a date and location set we will update you via email. Keep an eye out for information in the coming months.
Check out the rest of “Connections” for more highlights and please if you have any ideas, thoughts or comments on what you would like to see next year we would love to hear from you!
Torre Bookout
AGM 2016 Highlights & Updates
This year’s Mitel User Group Annual General Meeting held April 19 – 22.
Held in conjunction with Mitel’s invitation-only event “Mitel Elite Experience – 2016,” brought Mitel’s Top 50 Americas partners, analysts, media and Mitel User Group members together for exclusive insights from, and direct interaction with Mitel’s senior leadership team.
Besides having the opportunity to network with fellow members and Mitel staff, User Group members attended a variety of training workshops, presentations, as well as being able to see the latest product updates.
Some highlights and updates from this year include:
  • An exclusive, hour-long Mitel Next media event.
  • Guest speakers from two key customers – the San Diego Padres and Texas A&M University
  • Innovation Center where Mitel product support specialists were available for one-on-one demonstrations of Mitel’s products and features.
  • The unveiling of Mitel’s new suite of contact center, cloud and mobile solutions that enable a seamless environment for collaboration and commerce.
  • An Open Forum session with Mitel technical specialists.
  • A question and answer session with Mitel executives in a panel discussion.
  • Customers now can get Training direct from Mitel without going thru their VAR
SIG (Special Interest Group) Webinars

We are working hard to put together topics for future webinars, so keep an eye on your email inbox for details on upcoming webinars.  Current scheduled webinars are as follows:

  • June: This webinar will focus on showcasing Mitel University’s renewed commitment to the user group members. As part of this commitment we will review the current incentive plan , as well as where you can find the current course catalog and pricing. We will also take the opportunity to provide a brief tour of our learning management system Absorb. This will be particularly useful when you have purchased your first course. Of course, all questions are welcome and encouraged.
  • July: Check your email in the coming weeks

Be sure to send an email to if there are any topics you would like to see covered in a future webinar.

Board of Directors
President : Torre Bookout                                                    Vice President: Marci Payne
Secretary: Open                                                                   Treasurer : Judy Abbott
Media : Allon Ben-Ami                                                          Membership: Jason Spainhour
Communications : Tanya Seelandt and Rick Martin             Conference Chair: Jason Holt


A special thank you goes out to Diane Arnold & Frank Ball. Both have reached the end of their 12 year term on the board.     Diane & Frank have been involved with the User Group since inception as NAMU thru it’s transition to the Mitel User Group that we see today.
In addition, Mark Willey & Marcell Galatiano have chosen to resign from the board for personal reasons. We’d also like to take this time to thank them for their service to the Group.
The Board has chosen not to replace these seats at this time, bringing the total number of board members to 8.
At the Annual General Meeting, a vote was taken to amend the by-laws changing the two year eligibility requirement for new Board members to be elected to officer positions to one year. In addition, this one (1) year requirement may now be waived by a two thirds majority vote of the board.
Lets Get Social
MUG now has  2273 APPROVED MEMBERS  & still counting!

Facebook Likes = 519

Twitter Followers = 2051
Mitel User Group is Going Global
Mitel has advocated that Mitel User Groups from around the world come together and form an “umbrella users’ group” to promote worldwide collaboration, engagement, and communication among Mitel users.  Several regional user groups found value in the idea and committed a representative from their regional group, to participate on a group tasked with creating a governance structure that compliments the regional groups and allows for them to maintain their necessary autonomy.
This past February, those representatives met in Paris to begin discussions around the idea and determine what benefits forming a global users group, would bring.  During the multi-day meeting, the representatives concluded they would prefer to be called a Working Group.  The Working Group defined the Global Mitel User Group Mission Statement as follows:
“The Mitel User Group is an independent, customer community that enables networking and sharing among other user group members and delivers direct feedback between Mitel and the users, both locally and globally.”
Since February, the Working Group established video meetings which have worked well, as language barriers are lessened when you can see each other’s reactions to what’s being said.  The Working Group tries to meet monthly, taking into account global time differences of the representatives.  In addition, Mitel generously contracted a consultant team to guide the group with recommended best practices and necessary policies for such a global endeavor to be successful.  The consultants are also assisting in creating an improved website with automated registration and a forum we are hoping will eventually allow for translation of multiple languages to encourage worldwide engagement.
Subsets of the representatives have shared their By-Laws and are working on the next steps of defining policies.  As these items are defined further, it is understood that policies around expenses, financials, investments, etc. will need to be included. Primary focus is around board structure, membership, regional engagement, and common practices at this time.
As communication is essential to the success of all projects, we will do our best to keep members apprised of any updates to the forming of the global user group and welcome your feedback.
Special Offer from Mitel 
As a follow up to the Mitel Elite Experience event in San Diego, Mitel has developed several limited time Special Offers for all members of the Mitel User Group.
These special offers include:
  • 40% discount off ALL end customer training (until Sept 1, 2016)
  • Spring Forward with MiCollab (until June 28, 2016) – provides access to productivity enhancing unified communications and collaboration functionality, including instant messaging, visual voicemail, meet-me audio conferencing, desktop sharing, mobile-business communications integration, and team collaboration.  When purchasing a new MiCollab solution combined with UCC License Bundles you can obtain MiCollab Standard UCC licensing for the price of Entry or obtain Premium UCC licensing for the price of Standard (see details below).
  • Spring Forward with Superior Customer Experience with MiContact Center (until June 28, 2016) – provides access to 50% off MiContact Center Office Advanced Routing or Buy One Get One Free on select MiContact Center licensing for the  MiVoice Office 250,  MiVoice Business, or MiVoice MX-ONE communications platforms (see details below).
  • Enhance Emergency Responsiveness Offer (until June 28, 2016) – enables the ability for User Group members to enhance emergency responsiveness by purchasing Mitel Emergency Alerts solution at 50% off list price (see details below).  This incentive is of particular interest to customers in the education and government sectors.
Can’t get your wireless headset to answer a call without having to lift the phone receiver first on the MiVoice Business?
Add a headset button. When you select it,  it will activate the headset port on the phone. Depending on your phone model, the headset button can be added using the superkey or by having your administrator assign it on your device using the key assignment in the system.
Its also best to get a Mitel approved headset, to ensure it will work properly. Check with your Mitel Partner for a list of compatible devices.