Mitel User Group (MUG) Americas supports Mitel product users in North and South America.

Mitel User Group is a global community, driven and managed by customers, set in a professional and fun environment. Being part of the community gives you exclusive access to Mitel product documentation, web-based training, technical specialists, influence product development and more. Make friends, and be a friend; join a network of people who like what you like, who speak your language, and share your interests and passions.Learn more about the Mitel User Group and when you’re ready… tell your friends. You’ll want them here too.

Join Mitel User Group

  • Get inside info on Mitel products and services
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About MUG Americas

The Mitel User Group is an independent, global community offering customers resources to advance their knowledge and use of Mitel products and solutions with access to local networking and events, online forums, and education and training.

MUG America Forums

Discussion forums enable customers everywhere to connect and learn ways to maximize their use of Mitel products and solutions. By sharing best practices, members solve problems, expand skillsets and advance their use of Mitel.

MUG Americas Training

Our network of regional groups around the world offers members local in-person events for networking and education throughout the year. In addition, we offer Webinars, and information on relevant Mitel education courses, training and more.

Special Interest Group (SIG)

Regional groups around the world provide tremendous value to Mitel customers through the activities they offer throughout the year. Regional members have access to their local events, education and networking with local peers and experts.