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    Matthew Craughwell

    Hi All,

    Just to update you on my planned version 7 upgrade for the Christmas shutdown is now not going ahead due to problems with the OVA released, Bugs still in the software that there is a fix in 6.3 and not version 7. License changes I am being charged for converting Physical Media Gateways into Media servers. So probably now won’t have the opportunity to upgrade until Easter. What a shame Mitel and the partners don’t seem ready and confident with the deployment of Version 7!

    Thanks for the update yesterday Eddie but there seem to be too many issues for us to take the risk!! We got burnt once on upgrading to version 6.2. Can’t afford to get burnt a second time.


    Stephen Smith

    Hi Matthew

    You must be pretty concerned about the software in order to cancel a planned upgrade – what is your main concern, the bugs (what are they) or the additional charges?

    I am sure that Eddie Lambert said at the UK User Group that there would be no additional licenses charges for anyone upgrading to Ver 7. There again, I was also recently told by a Mitel representative that all their released software is fully tested and fit for purpose!

    We have decided to await Ver 7.1 before we consider any upgrading of our system as 7.0 will not support our required configuration. Ver 7.1 will also need to have been successfully installed in a similar environment to ours before we commit.

    Matthew Craughwell

    Hi Steve.

    I’m not concerned about the software too much just annoyed the oversights that we’re made with the OVA supplied.

    My main concern is the template supplied to build the servers did not meet the minimum specs set out by Mitel in their documentation. You can change/increase the disk size however you need to know the volumes the space needs to be allocated to. Also I know Eddie said you can run it on a 100Gb server no problem, but, that is not stated in the spec so technically in a grey area when supports concerned. We were awaiting for a replacement OVA to be supplied by mitel having already wasted a day of internal resource building the 1st lot of servers with the incorrect OVA. However, I now cannot get the internal resources to rebuild the servers again before the Xmas period so the upgrade had to be cancelled.

    Also the issue I raised on licensing was as I am reducing the amount of media gateways in the estate I wanted to convert them to media server i.e soft MGU’s. However, the licensing is different meaning I need to get a new license for the media servers and I cannot use the spare licenses on the system that were for Media Gateways. This is relevant because once you migrate to IP, The SIP handsets still use the RTP Rresource on the local MGU which are not always as resilient as the DC where the virtual server are running.

    If you want a true SIP environment you need a Media Server to provide the RTP resources the SIP phones. Migration to IP should be easier to encourage the transition but it doesn’t always feel that way!

    Matthew Craughwell

    HI All

    Just to update, we successfully upgraded our MXOne to version 7 at the beginning of the month. Upgrade went smoothly with the servers pre-built in a private network and during the changeover the Version 6 servers were shut down and the Version 7 servers moved into the live environment and switched on. Total outage was approximately 16 Mins! WOW! for a major upgrade (excluding firmware upgrades of MGU’s)

    Some of the issue we did find along the way during the upgrade is that we have MGU’s ver 1 installed in our media gateways and when the firmware was applied not all came back with immediately and some needed to be power-cycled. So not sure whether the new firmware is more designed for MGU2’s! Also changes to the way AD Authentication is configured means that what was once an optional setting is now a mandatory setting meaning authentication using AD is not working for us at the moment which is really annoying as our IT Service Desk can no longer log in to Provisioning Manager.

    Here are the faults we have encountered since the upgrade and are still outstanding with Mitel:

      Authentication with AD not working – due to changes in Webserver_Config
      Shortcuts when creating an extension to check for free equipment not working 404 error
      Wildcard * search not working in MP when you are looking for part of a name
      PM not deleting extension from certain gateways
      PM not updating a category change on analogue extension even though PM confirms the change successfully
      PM not configuring buttons correct on SIP 69 series phones when there is side-panel attached to the phone.
      SIP Handsets when on a call the call speech does not recover after the caller is placed on hold. There has been temporary fix by downgrading phones Firmware from to
      Voicemail does not integrate with MiCAM whatsoever so now we are having to create mailboxes in MiCAM Administrator instead of using PM as we did before. Even though there was an issue before with the Mailbox Class of Service not setting the mailbox up correctly and having to go into MiCAM and update mailbox settings.

    As for the telephone system, it seems very stable and no issue so far. However, there does need to be a vast improvement in the development of the PM software as all these faults have made it through a Beta Trial!
    Also, some have re-occurred that I have reported and had fixed in version 6 like the 404 errors.

    Version: 7.0 SP0 HF2

    Stephen Smith

    Hi Matthew

    Thanks for posting this – it is the type of info I have requested from Mitel without any response.

    I am anticipating moving to Ver 7.1 in a few months which will no doubt bring a load of new issues as well as some/all of yours.

    We will have to look out for a lot of your problems – particularly the MGU1 issues.

    Much appreciated


    Matthew Craughwell

    Just thought I would send you all an update on my outstanding issues with Version 7. Only 1 fault out of the 8 mentioned above has been resolved!! However, I have a few more to add!

      MP not updating the category for analogue extensions in PM even though it shows it as being successful</ul

      Can not delete extensions that are being monitored by a SIP extension without removing the monitors
      Having issues deleting SIP Extensions checked the MDSHLog and it doesn’t even try to end the extension before rolling back

    getting frustrating to administer and some of these faults I had under v6.x I am now logging the same faults for version 7.0

    Really do question if MITEL does any testing & quality control of new releases!!!

    Stephen Smith

    As you probably recall, I am convinced that the developers do not properly test their software, however, I am assured by Lee Smith (Mitel) that they would not release any software with known issues.

    It is concerning that you have previously reported (Ver 6) issues still present in Ver 7 – seems to disprove the above!

    I am advised that Ver 7.1 ‘should’ be released this month, we will require assurances that all known issues have been resolved before we take the risk of installing it.

    Craig Rennie

    PM not configuring buttons correct on SIP 69 series phones when there is side-panel – Fix in SO4233

    SIP Handsets when on a call the call speech does not recover after the caller is placed on hold.
    6940 5_1_0_1803 fixes this one

    Agree totally re PM -has been a total disaster for years -fault after fault and very average GUI

    Stephen Smith

    So the obvious question is why are we paying for Software Assurance if Mitel do not honour their end of the deal?

    We have long requested a formal contract when paying S.A., with agreed commitment times for Mitel to resolve reported issues – depending upon magnitude.

    To allow reported bugs to carry over to new S/W Rev’s is pretty poor, we were also told that we cannot even report bugs until on supported S/W and that MItel/Daisy didn’t have the ‘ability’ to check if the bug exists in the newer version!

    Matthew Craughwell

    Caution if you are upgrading to v7.0 this is the response to a fault I have had since v6.3 and was advised to upgrade to version 7.0 to fix. Now I am being asked to upgrade to 7.1 when available to fix the original fault logged over a year ago!

    MITEL UPDATE: This issue has been fixed in upcoming MX-ONE 7.1 target to be released in end of April.
    Note, due to complex solution it’s not available in any 7.0 release.

    Craig Rennie

    Hi Matthew
    Are you going to tell us what the issue is ?

    Carlos Araújo

    Hello all,

    Upgrade to version 7 done but having issues with IP MNS, after configuring mns keys after couple days extension lost monitored-dir status and now can’t delete key because it says:
    501087 10 – MNS – – 1 – – 507807
    501087 11 – MNS – – 0 – – 500713
    501087 12 – MNS 507867 – 1 – – 507867
    501087 13 – MNS 501867 – 0 – – 501867
    MDSH> extension_key -e -d 501087 –key 10

    Are you sure? (Y/N): y

    Directory number is not in extension number series (Dir=, customer=0).

    DBC4423 IP Phone H323
    MX-ONE 7.0 Hf2

    Thank you.


    Stephen Smith


    Does anyone know if Ver 7.1 was released this week?

    Carlos Araújo


    Seems MX-ONE 7.1 is out there.


    Matthew Craughwell

    HI All,

    Just wanted to update that all the faults reported to Mitel above have finally been fixed and it has been confirmed that all you lucky sods going to v7.1 will get the fixes in the latest service pack!

    I am still having a few issue with the Micam and AD authentication which both Mitel and my partner are continuing to investigate.

    The UK Usergroup’s running a workshop in September for all paid members so watch out for registration there will be lots of information from Mitel regarding MXone Version 7 and all associated apps!



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