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    Ross Humphreys

    Hi there,

    Is my understanding correct of Mitel Softphone capabilities for remote Agents, in the sense that even if they are handling Voice interactions within Web Ignite, they still need to be utilising their locally installed MiCollab client for hot desking in/out as an ACD Hotdesk user. Ideally we would like for them to only use one platform / interface for handling voice, as we now have a support situation where remote ACD Agents are operating in different fashions, with some choosing to ignore Ignite and work within the MiCollab client and others trying to operate exclusively in Ignite.

    Can we remove their MiCollab software and direct them to exclusively use Ignite for handling voice? Both challenging and annoying constantly receiving user issues spanning two separate user interfaces.

    Any advice appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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