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    Ryan Kelley

    We are running vmcd on the 3300 platform version 7.2 SP1 PRI, Active Software Load

    Our carrier claims that somewhere in our pbx, we should have a SIP invite area where a ‘history-info’ field is present and was told to ignore it.

    I cannot find this ‘history-info’ field to ignore the setting. I’ve looked in the 3300 and the Mitel Border Gateway without luck and I beginning to think it on the carrier side only.

    Can anyone confirm this?



    I have asked around and nobody on the presales side is aware of this area. You might have to escalate to post sales through the Mitel installing partner.

    Yik Ching Miu

    On MiVB, the option to disable “History-Info” in outbound SIP trunk calls can be found under
    SIP Peer Profile ->
    Signaling and Header Manipulation ->
    Suppress Redirection Headers ->
    “Yes” (To exclude History-Info/Diversion/Referred-To headers in outbound calls)

    If for any reason there is a need to remove any SIP headers coming from carrier, this can be done using SIP adaptations on MBG.

    Ryan Kelley

    Thanks Yik for the 3300 support, found it exactly where you said it would be.

    On the MBG side, what is the value name I’m looking for to ignore the history-info field?

    Thanks again.


    Yik Ching Miu

    Hi Ryan,

    Some SIP carriers may process History-Info/Diversion/Referred-To headers to allow masquerading of Caller-ID for trunk-to-trunk forwarded calls.

    If History-Info/Diversion/Referred-To contains detail of internal extension transfers, it may result in the carrier dropping the calls.

    In most cases, setting “Suppress Redirection Headers” to “Yes” should solve the issue and not require MBG SIP adaptations.

    MBG SIP adaptations requires Lua scripting and is generally not needed.

    Maybe you can first try if this parameter solves your problem.
    If not, do share with me further.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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