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    Garry Robertson

    Where can I find firmware update within Mitel Connect? I have tried the public page but the link is down.

    Thanks for your help


    Jason Spainhour


    Historically, updates have not been made directly available to end-customers. Your Mitel Partner should be able to provide these to you, however.



    Bjørn Sund

    Aastra used to have a separate page for phone firmware, making them available through the Knowledge Base directly. These days firmware is only linked from the PBX software release, and the link goes straight to the password protected ftp server where both PBX software and phone firmware lives. is an example, firmware download is listed and linked under Downloads but it won’t do much good.

    As Jason says, you need your partner to help you.



    Antony Woods


    I have this link which has firmware for the handsets.
    Not sure what Version of software or SP they are valid for, but suspect the release notes will detail

    Would be best to check with your partner that these are valid for your release though



    Garry Robertson

    Thanks Anothony, that is what I was looking for. I am a new Mitel Partner and the Public link was not working a couple of days ago. I was looking for a Mitel Connect link as I have a phone that is getting web recovery screen.


    James Wong

    FYI we’ll be posting our SIP 5.0 software for the 6800 Series IP phones shortly. This software release will now support Bluetooth Cordless Handsets on the 6873 SIP Phone and other great features. Checkout the Release Notes for more details.

    Firmware will be posted to or visit and click on “Open Standard Market Technical Documentation and Firmware” at the bottom of the page under Support.



    Garry Robertson

    I have tried to load the firmware using the link above but I am not able to. Who can I contact at Mitel for support?

    New Partner?


    James Wong

    In North America, you can contact Mitel SIP Phone Technical support at 1-800-574-1611. Other contact details are available on this page


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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