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    Kyle Pouliot

    Hello all,

    I’m wondering if anyone has consolidated their phone systems and what strategies you may have used?

    We currently have 35 (3300’s) Phone Systems in a MESH and I want to bring this number down.

    We have a few SIP Controllers that handle all calls so no lines come into the PBX’s just IPXNET communication.

    Each one of our sites has it’s own system as it stands and it is a very basic configuration on them all.

    Auto attendant/Closed Messaging
    General Voicemail

    We have no analog lines plugged into any of the ICP 3300’s on site.

    My only thoughts about consolidation that I lose are Emergency Handset and the ability of manually trigger Day/Night Mode. Which isn’t that big of a deal to me.

    I have already brought up 3 new sites all located on a Virtual PBX and it seems to be working fine.

    Currently controlling Day/Night Messaging and Auto Attendant via MICC IVR. General Voicemail has just rolled into a NuPoint extension.

    Would love to hear your insights on this!

    Bruce McLean

    if you have no PRI or analog devices and all your SIP trunks hit your main site have you thought of virtualization all the controllers?

    Kyle Pouliot

    Hey Bruce,

    The thought was definitely there. Some of what this comes down to is cost of yearly maintenance. If I simply spin up a bunch of virtual controllers to replace the physcial. I’m still technically paying the same thing. I also now have to pay for each virtual MCD unless theres a way to convert a physical to virtual at minimum cost that I’m unaware of.

    Another goal was to have less PBX’s to manage in general.

    Bruce McLean

    I am currently doing a design where all the sites connect to 1 of 2 controllers in different data centers.
    as long as you have a stable connection there is no reason this will not work for you.
    you will need to convert to an enterprise license model one of your controllers will become a DLM and the other is a resilient controller. you can cluster a couple of MBG’s and have failover SIP trunks as well.

    Kyle Pouliot

    We currently do have DLM as it stands were simply clustered with 35 controllers. I believe we already are under the Enterprise model but i guess I would need to confirm that with my channel partner.

    My Goal 100% would be to do exactly what you’re talking about above.

    Currently I have the following virtual PBX’s for simplicity.

    Main Site

    SIP Controller x2

    DR Site:

    SIP Controller x2
    MBG – DR Site

    I currently have 2 SIP Controllers because of Multiple SIP Trunk providers. I didn’t want to make the setup confusing with COR etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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