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    Kevin McCann

    Have a few UC360 phones and we are trying to figure out how to retrieve a parked call in a Conference room. We hvae a collaboration site, but there are times they want to park the call at their desk and then pick it backup in the conference room.
    Calls are parked on the 6930 phones.

    Alexander Nenov

    You may see if Call Park Tool feature is applicable. From DOC:
    The Call Park Pool (CPP) feature is a specific configuration which utilizes the Internal
    Group Hunting feature, SIP extensions without any physical terminal, and the call
    Transfer and Call Pick-up features.
    Using the CPP feature, a call can be parked ‘remotely’, at a dedicated CPP (hunt
    group) member, which is a SIP extension. The parking is actually done by a transfer to
    the hunt group member.
    The parked call can be picked up (answered) from any telephone in the same system,
    that can request the individual call pick-up service (or use MNS, if programmed).
    A recall to the transferring party will be done if the transferring party is of generic extension
    type, if the call is not picked within a few minutes. If the transferring party is not a
    generic extension, it will not be recalled, but instead the call will be released.
    If a recalled, previously transferring party, has several terminals (and thus uses
    services like parallel ringing, personal number, or SCA), the recall will only ring on the
    transferring terminal, except in the SCA case, where all terminals will be recalled.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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