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    David Collard

    We have a team that work on a shift type pattern, looking for a single line (DDI) that destinations is the on shift worker (Mobile).

    What is the best practices for setting this up?
    How are others accomplishing this type of scenario?

    MiVB 9.1 (3300 cluster)

    Bob Baddeley

    Hi David,

    Are you using MiCollab ?

    Either way I would do it via a Ring Group. On the mobile MiCollab client all the members can change their status form present / not present so go on duty / off as required.

    If you do not have MiCollab it can also be done from a MiVB VoIP phone with a key appearance. For this though you would need to go into the office or have a Teleworker at home.


    Bob Baddeley

    Derek Curry

    We do this the same way. Point the number at a ring group. Make anyone needing to be on call a member of the group. Then have the on call users toggle their presence in the group via the MiCollab client (mobile, desktop, or web).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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