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    Will Binswanger

    Is there an approximate date when MiVoice Business Express will be updated to include MiVB 9.X and MiCollab 8.1?

    Sam Lalumandier


    I have reached out to Product Management regarding your question and will update as soon as they respond.

    Steven (Sam) Lalumandier
    Corporate Sales Engineer
    Mobile: 214-726-2220

    5850 Granite Parkway Suite 600
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    Hank Jones

    Currently, the general availability date for MiVoice Business (MiVB) Release 9.1 software has not been announced which impacts MiVoice Business Express (MiVB-X). There is some underlying technology being analyzed for 9.1 that until complete will impact even MiVB-X. The expectation is that the availability date for MiVB Release 9.1 will be announced by the end of this month. Below is the excerpt that announced the plan was for MiVB-X to be supported with MiVB Release 9.1.

    (From the MiVB Release 9.0 bulletin)
    The following platforms will receive access to the new features, capabilities and software refresh as part of the MiVoice Business 9.1 release. Customers who run a MiVoice Business network of differing controllers will be able to utilize a mixed network of MiVoice Business releases until this time:

    • AX Controller
    • Multi-Instance MiVoice Business (Enterprise deployments)
    • MiVoice Business Express

    Hank Jones

    Will Binswanger

    Just wanted to see if there is an update on this.Its now the middle of March and i haven’t seen any news on the availability of MiVB 9.1. Most of our customers run MiVB Express and we would like to utilize the improvements in MiCollab 8.1 and MiVB 9.X.

    Yik Ching Miu

    For more information, please read the following Product Bulletin from InfoChannel
    MiVoice Business Express product evolution – PB2019Oct15A

    Short summary:
    Not likely anytime soon
    It might happen some time after MiCloud Flex GCP goes GA

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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