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    Herman Anugu

    I’m trying to work on a brand new MITEL SMBC for a customer following a release notes Mitel SMB Controller 1.1 – GA.

    I’ve Updated from Helium to Helium.
    loaded the smbc_x60_pbx8930b1 and
    Mitel SMB Controller R6.0 (RPM) (8930b1

    Software: Release 6.0
    Sales channel: AU-Freemarket

    Software update to latest version

    MiVoice Office 400 system software update
    1. Upload software package OK!
    2. Update system software (about 5 minutes) OK!
    3. Restart communication server (about 5 minutes) …
    4. Update web software (about 5 minutes)

    My question now is the (3) Restart communication server is forever not restarting the communication server.Maybe I’m missing something in here or doing the installation incorrectly.
    I need an urgent support assistance in here to complete the installation.Please help on any advices which I can follow and resolved this software installation.

    Appreciate any advice on this.

    Thank you,

    Herve Morin

    hello Herman

    the SMBC has probably restarted since some time, but the browser session cannot be reestablished.

    I would suggest:
    try tologin from another browser.
    if you can login on the SMBC you can then close the hanging session.

    Note: in the newer SW version, this issue should not happen any more.


    Herman Anugu

    Hi Herve,
    Thankyou for you response.By looking at the softwares which I installed so far.what is your conclusion from your view,Did I miss anything.If your can assist and email me any documentations manuels it would be very appreacited.
    my email is

    Kind Regards,
    Herman Anugu

    Herve Morin

    hi Herman
    the cause of the issue you had was in the early firmware delivered from factory.
    the firmware you have uploaded should include the fix.
    for documenation, please use your MitelConnect account and search under “eDocs”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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