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    Stephen Smith


    We are considering installing some of the above products (probably GX) to replace our aging EBN’s.

    Our intention is to deploy them to provide local survivabilty along with local break-in/break-out.

    Has anyone tried these devices yet and if so how are they to configure, etc..



    Stephen Smith


    I still urgently require tangible information regarding these units.

    I have tried to obtain this from Mitel (UK), my supplier/maintainer (Daisy) and also the manufacturer (Media5) but with no joy from any of them (so far).

    From the various bits of information I have been sent or located, I have an idea how this works but I need a more comprehensive breakdown of how the units work in both normal and fallback mode, including a full feature list.

    To be honest, I initially thought that the devices were invisible to the local extensions in normal mode (like our existing EBN’s) but I now suspect that they are always in circuit and therefore I am concerned that they may introduce certain operational issues and/or anomalies (see below).

    For example, do the devices support the following:

    1. Standard MX-One feature codes
    2. Standard MX-One / Onebox MWI
    3. PUG’s & HG’s (in both normal & fallback modes

    Do the extensions use MX-One or EX/GX call barring/restrictions?
    What are the diagnostic capabilities – can calls be traced?
    Also, How will they inter work with our imminent In-Attend migration?

    I am sure that there will be many further questions – most/all of these would be answered with some comprehensive documentation.



    Stephen Smith

    Further to my previous email – this is an example of the information I have been provided – but I need a lot more detail:

    In case of WAN failure, the GX gateway will offer local survivability for the branch office end-users having SIP or analog phones. When working in survivable mode, user will have basic-call level of functionality for the on-site phone to phone traffic as well as external traffic via the local trunks.

    I need to know exactly what is meant by ‘basic-call level of functionality’ – e.g. can these calls be transferred (locally) are HG’s supported?


    Joel Bonzon

    Hi Steve,

    Any luck getting technical guidance on the EX/GX? We have the same questions as you have listed.

    We have also been trying to find technical documentation on configuring the GX with MX-ONE V7 as a remote gateway, for local survivability and local break-out but have reached a dead end.



    Stephen Smith

    Hi Joel

    Not sure if you are aware but these are rebadged Mediatrix Sentinal devices – there is loads of info on their web-page (Media5).

    I have also had sight of a Mitel produced ‘Installation and Configuration Guide for GX and EX Controller‘ this includes both the GX & MX-One configuration settings. You need to request this document from Mitel.

    We have ordered 8 x GX’s and I hope to have a good look at the configuration when I receive them.



    Joel Bonzon

    Hi Stephen,

    Yes, I am aware, thank you. We have one GX in our lab and are trying to get it to work.

    We have gone through the configuration guide from the MX-ONE CPI and the technical documentation from Mediatrix/Media5 as you also mentioned (there is a ton!).

    We can get the analogue phones on the GX to register as SIP extensions to the MX-ONE but just cannot get the FXO interfaces on the GX to work. Anyway, we will keep trying. And I hope to learn about your experience when you get your 8x units.

    Thanks again and good luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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