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    Ann-Christin Wallin

    Hi everyone!

    Anyone out there having experience with the MiCollab Microsoft/Skype plugin??

    Would very much appreciate some input on how well it works, things to be ware of and so on.

    Jill Krzyzanowski

    Hi Ann-Christin –

    I don’t know if you have had a chance to see the legacy (original) Skype for Business plug-in. It sat attached to the Skype for Business, at the bottom. Today, the MiCollab for Microsoft sits as an icon in the system tray. Within Skype for Business it is simply a matter of doing a right click and choosing to make a MiCollab call. This tells Skype for Business and notifies MiCollab Client server that you will make the call from your phone. Of course, alternatively you can add on the MiCollab Client softphone and make / take calls from there.

    The incoming call gives you a pop-up where you can accept or decline the call.

    Once on a call, the call window provides you with access to mid-call features. You can place the call on hold, you can hang up, you can transfer (both consultation and blind) to another party. There is also call history and the ability to manage how the client behaves. What’s not available today within the interface is the ability to call forward (to voicemail or elsewhere), no conference call and no DND.

    There is a brochure available, however it doesn’t have any screen captures of what it looks like. If you would like a demonstration, please reach out to your vendor to request it. It will be nice to meet you!


    Jill Krzyzanowski
    Sales Engineer

    Girish Sharma

    Hi Jill

    Here is a customer scenario , customer using Skype for business 2016. they want to use Mi-collab integration for PSTN calling without any hard phone.

    The uplift UCC bundle contains:
    • 1x MiCollab for Microsoft client
    • 1x Softphone
    • Additional MiVoice platform licenses for the softphone

    My question is that do we still need additional enterprise user license as above bundle already contained MiVoice platform licenses for the softphone.



    Jill Krzyzanowski

    Hi Girish –

    Sorry for the delay – hopefully you found an answer. If you recall, the UCC license includes a Multi-Device User license which supports up to 8 devices configured to ring simultaneously. As such, you do not need a separate license for the softphone used with the MiCollab for Microsoft Client.


    leslie shishimayi

    Hi Jill

    Just wanted to find out if there is a work around to Ad hoc Conferencing on MiCollab for Microsoft Client and also if there are any future plans to include Ad Hoc Conferencing in next MiCollab software release.

    Leslie Shishimayi

    Stefan Jansson

    Hi Jill,
    Any plans on supporting Microsoft Teams in the near future ?

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