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    Stefan Jansson

    We’re trying to migrate customers over to the “new” pc micollab client, this has though become a very troublesome affair. In the old UCA client, users used to be able to go into Configuration/Call Notification to disable call window/popups etc. With the new pc client, this functionality does not exist.
    You could do this for all different multicalls on your phone, with the new client you have no control over this, ie it will show call window for any ringing multicall on your phone.
    To top it up, you don’t see the dialled number/name (where the call is coming from) on the new client, so you as a user does not know which multicall is ringing unless you look at your phone ;-(
    Customers are asking how do I know how to answer the call if I can’t see where it’s coming from ?
    Can’t argue with that.


    Hello Stefan,

    I was wondering if you reached out to support on your troubles, and if they were able to point you in the right direction?

    Stefan Jansson

    Thanks Michael,
    I have discussed it with Mitel and they tell me it is not on the roadmap…DCR/DFR has been raised with deaf ears.
    I’ve posted this just to check if we’re the only one affected by this.
    Surely that can not be the case.
    It is disappointing to see the new MiCollab pc client “missing” some of the features the old one had and customers are using them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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