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    Josh Eades

    I am working to clean up the phone system and in the MiCollab Client Service Configuraton, in the accounts portion when I click on a user to edit them, I can’t edit the information in the top. Where do I go to edit this information?


    Hank Jones

    It sounds like you are managing a MiCollab Client (aka UCA stand-alone) server and unfortunately, I only have access to a MiCollab (aka MAS) so I’m unable to give concise information about that server. In the MiCollab server however, you would go into the Users and Services element and then look up an choose a user to edit. That would give you access as an administrator to edit the user’s name, profile etc.
    My recommendation at this point is to engage your partner to see if they can give further guidance. If needed they could then open a ticket with Mitel Product Support as well.


    Josh Eades

    We have a MAS here; however, the information that you gave is the correct location to go to. If I go to the Users and Services and search then I can edit the user in there. I was able to figure it out about 5 minutes before I got the notification that you responded; however, I do appreciate the help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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