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    Paul Ash

    Hi everyone, my first post on the forum.

    I’m interested in the opinions of anyone who has had the current version of MiCC deployed. If there are any recommendations and/or issues to be aware of.

    Matthew Craughwell

    Hi Paul,

    I had no issues it did bring along a few features that I was waiting for.

    Matthew Craughwell

    Sorry just noticed 9.3 I’m only on 9.2 as 9.3 wasn’t available when I upgraded.

    Ann-Christin Wallin

    We are planning on going go 9.3 in november so not there yet but have done quite a lot of testing so far. Have not found any issues yet . But i think it is important to verify a lot of different traffic-scenarios since you need to go from Oas to CSTA III . We will also change to sip and last time we tried that everything crasched so hopefully not this time.

    Anki, Solidus User Group Sweden

    Carlos Araújo

    Hello All,

    I did an upgrade from Solidus 8.3 to MiCC Enterprise 9.3 last July but kept the OAS, and all is working well.
    During the upgrade process i had some issues with the installation, Solidus 8.3 uses Aastra directory and 9.3 may install at Mitel directory so OAS my not work correctly due path errors. Also some issues with licenses because at SeC 8.3 we were using desktop manager(h323) and at MiCC 9.3 we use Agent(sip) some of the licenses didn’t migrate correctly for the last version.

    The upgrade was done in the same server so a step by step installation was used, 8.3->9.0->9.1->9.2->9.3 and for this case I’ll recommend that before moving the license directly to MiCC 9.3 you should do it for each version first.


    Eddie Luciano

    Good Morning

    This information is good to know Carlos, Friday we are moving an ACD group with 7 members on digital phones from an Ericsson MD110 to MiVoice MX-ONE. Right we have a mix of SIP, Digital, and analogs in the Mx-ONE. We’ve done the testing and believe everything is going to work fine. We are exploring call centers, we are looking into Solidus, wish there was some documentation or training material to get a better understanding before purchasing.

    Thanks for the information.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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