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    Curtis Richardson

    I’d like to figure out how to record greetings for an auto attendant. The instructions in the Mitel KB article don’t seem to be working. Per the instructions, you go the User extension of the Auto Attendant you created. Assign it a PIN. Then, from a non guest room phone you dial:

    #36 XXXX YYYY *9 13 1 #
    #36 = emulate another user.
    XXXX = user to emulate
    YYYY = PIN Number
    *9 13 = record a greeting
    1 = Greeting number 1

    I dial #36 and wait for a response from the voice mail but get a fast busy signal.
    I dial #36 XXXX YYYY and get a fast busy signal.

    I’ve successfully set up the auto attendant greeting using a WAV file but have no luck manually setting up one.

    Joel Bonzon

    Dial the whole thing. #36 XXXX YYYY *9131#

    If you want to be guided, just dial #36 XXXX YYYY 899 (or whatever your VM # is)

    Herve Morin


    you seem to proceed correctly.
    if your test with WAV file works, you also have enough DSP resources.
    idea: did you check the rules for the PIN? 0000 is not allowed.

    another way to proceed: call the extension having automatic attendant. before the greeting is finished, type *YYYY# (YYYY = PIN of the autoattendant user) -> the audioguide starts playing, offering to record.


    Herve Morin

    … and PIN must be different from the calling number of the user.

    Curtis Richardson

    I followed Joel’s advice because I wanted an automated guide. That worked great!

    Thanks everyone!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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