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    Gordon Glover


    When a user requests a callback, can the user put in not only the number they can be reached, but an extension as well?

    Also, what happens if the user puts in a business number to callback on and the number points to an auto attendant? Will the callback instantly play due to a recorded message?


    Jill Krzyzanowski

    Hi Gordon –

    The IVR does not have a way to handle extension numbers. When it collects the digits, they would be collected as a whole and it would simply dial the number in its entirety. Of course, the Messaging port could indicate that just a phone number should be provided for the collected digits, and then in the voice mail they leave, have the Messaging port ask them to leave their extension number, if required.

    To your second question, if the user provides their business number as the callback number and an Auto Attendant answers, the Callback port has no way of knowing it is not a live person, so it would connect the agent to the attendant.

    Take care!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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