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    Gregory Russell

    Has anyone used a third party Sip IP room phone on this system that works. No Sip Interops for this system yet so I know there is not official.



    The 3rd party SIP devices that are working well are Cetis, Vtech and Telematrix

    Gregory Russell

    We have a problem with the Vtech 2511 sip room phones calling the mitel ip phones. (front desk, restaurant, etc). The phone in the room will go right to speaker and there is no way to take it off speaker mode. Mitel and Vtech engineers are working on this but have not come up with a fix as of yet.

    If anyone has a specific model of third party phone sip phone that is installed on the Mitel 400 that seems to work ok please pass the information along.


    Herve Morin

    hi Gregory

    for the community: VTech provided a fix for the phone firmware end of July
    (you probably know this as you have been in contact with VTech)
    –> please contact VTech for details.

    we also have 1 site with Cetis/ TeleMatrix 3300IP MWD5
    we have some VTech S2411 on a demo system.

    anybody else with other phones?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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