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    Meriç Dinç

    Hi guys,

    Is there any command for the change status of the rooms (check-in/check-out) at A470 R4.1?

    I installed a system to hotel but all the rooms seems check-in state. So I need to check-in & check-out process from the micros fidelio manually.



    Hello Meric,

    There is no command from the MiVoice Office 400, the expectation is that this would have been set by the PMS (Micro Fidelio) system sync.

    posted by Denise Desjardins (support from customer advocacy team)

    Meriç Dinç

    Hi Denise, thank you for your reply. I worked with the PMS team and when they sent database swap command to MiVo400 via their console it was not worked. Dbswap command is used for matching the room status between MiVo400 and PMS.

    I need a command for check-out for all the rooms. Otherwise I have to check-in and check-out manually via PMS sw and there are 200 rooms. It takes long time and the customer did not like that.


    Hello Meric,

    It is probably best to open a support ticket to address.


    Herve Morin


    -I am PLM MiVO 400 hospitality, a colleague made me aware of this question right now-

    I am not sure I understand the problem, as the description is very short.

    MiVoice Office 400 includes support for FIAS (check-in/-out and much more) but this requires licences:
    1. PMS interface licence (one licence per system)
    2. PMS guestroom license (one license per guestroom)

    The PMS interface must be configured correctly (see training).

    If you have done all this, what is the issue?
    Normally the status of the guestrooms in the 400 is synchronised with the status in the PMS when both connect to each other (resync function or similar).

    Alternatively, a system phone configured as a front desk phone allows to change the status of a room (no license required for the phone, only configuration).


    Herve Morin

    additional info:
    I am quite certain that MiVO 400 does support resync as specified in FIAS 2.20l
    I will confirm tomorrow.
    MiVO 400 is certified by Oracle / Micros, so a problem would have been identified.


    Herve Morin

    hello again
    i got confirmation.
    the resync function is supported by MiVO 400 FIAS interface after restart, but it is a PMS decision to trigger or not.
    DR – Database Resync request
    DS – Database Resync start
    DE – Database Resync end
    including SF flag

    If it does not work with your PMS, you might open a support ticket but we need a trace!
    do the following:
    – switch the PMS interface off in web admin
    – using the MiVO 400 monitor (telnet 1818) select predifined trace “hospitality”
    – start recording
    – switch on the PMS interface -> resync should start automatically.
    – at the end (rooms treated one by one) stop the trace
    open a ticket for support, describing the issue and attach the trace.


    Meriç Dinç

    Thank you Herve!

    By the way I have some new questions.

    Is there any way to submit multiple minibar codes same time? Means *51COKE+PENAUT+WINE. Customer says multiple entrys will be very useful.

    And if the housekeeping guys did a mistake is there any way to cancel it? Like He/She dial *51coke# and wants to cancel it.


    Claude Lambermont


    You can also log in with the Hospitality Manager account and check-out/in all the room configured in the MVO400.
    Good luck

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