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    Brian Heinz

    How can I limit emergency call notification to phones in the same zone as the calling set on a multi-site system, in order to comply with the local notification requirements of Kari’s Law (new US Federal 911 regulations)? Say I have a centralized vMiVB serving 20 sites, can I somehow limit which sets get notifications based on the zone nuumber of the calling device? Or do I have to send notification to the same sets across the customer’s enterprise no matter which device is placing the call?

    John Shuman

    Brian, the MVB internal emergency alerts do not segregate 911 notifications per Network Zone or location. All alerts will be delivered to all designated emergency alert users. You can get this segregation if you add the Mitel Revolution solution which is a Windows based OPEX software solution that Mitel uses for Mass Notification needs for the MVB and MVConnect platforms currently. This solution uses the Network Zone piece of the CESID and SNMP trap to only alert devices at the specific location. You can contact the Mitel Corporate SE group or myself for further assistance if needed. Contact information is either call 800-411-9159 or email us at sales.engineering@mitel.com. You must be a certified Mitel reseller to contact us. If you are not please engage with a certified Mitel Reseller. John Shuman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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