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    Kyle Pouliot

    Hello all,

    I am wondering if anyone here has experienced an issue with EHDU where randomly you can no longer call the number and have to RTS the EHDU Extension to make it work again. I’ve had this happen to 10+ EHDU Extensions in the last 4-5 months. I’ve seen EHDU Extensions active for 1800, 4400, 4800 hours so it’s completely different in those terms.

    We are running 9.0 SP3.

    Hopefully someone has some potential insight. I did open up a request via my channel partner to Mitel but the responses we have been getting have been very lackluster. I have provided to Mitel CCS Trace logs of when this happens as well as the System Diagnostics.

    The CCS Trace Logs literally show the EHDU Looping.

    Derek Curry

    Have you checked the EHDU COS ‘Hot Desk Auto Logout Timer’ and ‘Hot Desk External User – Permanent Login’ are correct?

    Kyle Pouliot

    These are our current EHDU COS Settings. I believe these are all correct.

    Hot Desk
    Green BLF Lamp for Logged in Hotdesk User No
    Hot Desk Auto Logout Timer 0
    Hot Desk External User – Allow Mid-Call Features Yes
    Hot Desk External User – Answer Confirmation No
    Hot Desk External User – Dial Tone on Call Complete Yes
    Hot Desk External User – Permanent Login Yes
    Hot Desk External User – Remote MWI Enable Feature Access Code
    Hot Desk External User – Remote MWI Disable Feature Access Code
    Hot Desk Login Accept Yes
    Hot Desk Remote Logout Enabled Yes

    Kurt Bobinger

    See response from Mitel tech support:

    This is a known issue

    MIVB-12058: “Ongoing Call” on prime line – Only when in MDUG

    as a workaround

    you can delete and rebuild the MDUG. Try this as a first option.

    from what I have read a reboot of the controller does resolve the issue.

    This issue has been fixed in MIVB 9.0 SP3 PR1

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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