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    Gerry hollander

    MVB Release level: 9.0 SP3

    We have deployed 15 soft phones and there no consistent installation process outcome.

    First issue is that we receive an error that that states we need to install windows mediafeaturepack. We have to run a special script in order for it to install. We have only two deployment go flawlessly.

    We have 4 soft phones that registration fails.

    We have on several occasions a day that we get one way audio. We have to place the call on and off hold to have two way communications.

    Our partner and Mitel Support states there is nothing wrong with the set up. They have done 100’s of these deployments with the COVID outbreak using the same process without issue.

    Brian Heinz

    The one-way audio and registration failures seem to point to the clients connecting to the wrong interface on the MBG. The recommended settings should have the softphones always connecting to the WAN facing interface, even when on the LAN or VPN. You may need to adjust your MiCollab client deployment profile settings and/or internal DNS to ensure MiCollab clients always use the external/WAN interface.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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