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    Candy Bergman

    Any information on calls “hanging”in the connect client? Meaning, a call is delivered to an extension by way of transfer, direct dial, or workgroup and after the call is disconnected, the call appears to remain active with ticket time in the connect client.


    I haven’t seen this issue so it may be unique to your environment. I would recommend reaching out to your Mitel partner and start a trouble ticket to get this resolved.

    Richard Valenta

    Yes, we’ve seen this happen frequently. I found if you reboot the phone associated with the Connect Client, that will clear the call (restarting the software/PC, etc will not fix the issue). There must be some sort of behind the scenes link with that call to the phone not clearing correctly, and the client still “sees” the call active.

    I’m guessing it is due to jitter or packet loss to the phone. You may want to check the phone’s call history in D&M. I found many of our older IP230G phones were starting to have traffic issues (I think it was actually the phone ports), and you could see all the red triangles and bad jitter in the D&M interface, then I replaced them with 480 phones and the issue immediately cleared up. Our phones with this problem get VERY heavy use and were 6+ years old, so it was probably just equipment wear and tear. Also, sometimes the phone CALLING is the problem phone (a bad extension calls a good extension, and the good extension gets the call stuck), so check both ends of ext-to-ext calls, and try and eliminate any problem phones. Rebooting the phone may work for a while if it is a bad phone, but it will act up again shortly. If the phone is good, I found this problem to be very rare.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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