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    Jason Hand

    Question: We’re considering purchasing some 6940 ip Phones, my boss currently has a 5360.
    We have a MiVoice Business up to latest version on premise Virtualized, MiCollab, Nupoint, MiCollab Client installed.

    1. Is it possible to change the default screensaver image on the 5360 phones we have now, and how to go about that?

    2. Is it possible on the new 6940 models and if so, is it easier to do and how?



    chris hamblin

    Screensavers for 53xx series handsets are created using a software packager (HTML toolkit) and then uploaded to the pabx using ftp
    Once they are there they can be manually assigned per device.
    This means that different screensavers can be applied to different users.

    Screensavers for 69xx series are created using PNG files ( other picture types are also supported) they are combined into a single zip file and then uploaded to the pabx
    Once uploaded all 69xx series phones get the screensaver
    – there are different files for 6920 , 6930 6940

    so if a new 6940 screensaver file is uploaded , all 6940s get that version

    Neil Brennan

    Thanks also for that tip, Chris, especially re the 5360’s. I’m sure my employer would be keen on being able to replace the default screen saver image with the company logo, for example, but they might find having to pay for 1 x HTML Applications licence per phone in order to achieve this to be prohibitive. Always good to be able share the art of the possible with them though. Cheers, Neil.

    chris hamblin

    From Early version 6 or 7 MiVB ( I cant remember exactly when it changed) , no HTML app licenses are required for Screensavers and basic branding . You only need one for more advanced replacement of the interface

    Neil Brennan

    Cheers, Chris.

    Damien Saron

    I believe HTML App licenses are now free.

    You still have to order them but are $0 cost.

    Steven Pankretic

    I followed this online guide for setting up the screensaver images on our 6920, 6930, and 6940 phones:

    Be aware that it took hours to get everything “just right” in order for the pictures to be the correct size and everything. Just make sure you pay very close attention to everything that the instructions say to do.
    I used a free app called “GIMP” to edit the pictures and such, you might find it easier to use another tool that you have.
    Feel free to message me if you want a copy of the actual files to see what we pushed out.

    We still never got the wallpaper to work properly on the phones, but here is Mitel’s Response to that: (from another forum post I made)
    I was speaking with Mitel about this at the Mitel Next event last week. This will be an option in a future firmware release (probably in mid-2019).
    This is going to be rolled up into fixing other requests to make life easier for an admin:
    1. Easier uploads of wallpapers (backgrounds)
    2. Easier uploads & creation of screensavers
    3. Easier uploads of ring tones
    A number of these updates are considered part of their “XML Web Service” upgrades

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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