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    Nikita McKinder


    In our Mitel MiCollab Client web browser application (and also in the MiCollab phone app), when we receive voicemails from a caller outside of our organization, we do not see the caller ID displayed in the voicemail. It displays “Unknown caller” instead of the phone number of the person who called and left a voicemail.

    Does anyone know how we can change this setting so that the caller ID displays?



    We are on the latest version of MiCollab and I checked Mobile and Web MiCollab and it shows the caller id on the voice mails. So I would check with your Mitel partner and maybe they can trouble shoot the issue.

    Nikita McKinder

    Thank you Michael! Apologies for the very delayed response. We did get this sorted out with our Mitel partner and there were some options that needed to be enabled in the “Feature Class Of Service (COS)” settings. For reference, if your system looks like ours, these can be accessed in the admin Mitel server under the “NuPoint Web Console” menu.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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