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    Joel Bonzon

    Hi All,

    As far as I know, the call logging doesn’t include internal calls for the MiVo 400 unlike in the MX-ONE. So only Incoming and Outgoing calls to Public trunks and PISN are thrown out by the system. I am trying to find where this is written in the system documents but couldn’t find it. Is there any place this is stated? Or is the system able to log internal calls as well?

    Another thing, what does it mean up to 4 output devices can be connected at the same time for the call data output?

    “8. 5 Call data output
    The ICL, OCL and ICC data is output on printers or other output devices via the Ethernet
    interface. It is possible to configure which data is output on which of the available
    interfaces. Up to 4 output devices can be connected at the same time.

    System functions and features
    syd-0570/2.1 – R6.1 – 06.2019


    Below is from our Product Line Manager:

    The doc is outdated, it was before we replaced the printed interfaces by IP stream.
    I’ll open a ticket for docware.
    Chapter 8.5 should be reworked.

    What is supported:
    – only external incoming and external outgoing calls are logged
    (the adjective external is missing to be clear)

    – under “charges” “general” “call logging” one IP destination + port
    choice of ICL or OCL or both and one of 7 protocoles (PC1 .. PC5, “bill” and “protocol”)

    – in addition one can setup the emulation of SX-200 call logging interface as part of PMS integration with choice of ICL, OCL or both

    Joel Bonzon

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the clarification. I shall inform our partners that the doc is outdated and may be corrected in future document versions regarding the 4 output printers.

    And noted on only external calls being logged. I have also gotten confirmation from Team Track.


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