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    Jason Hand

    I see that it’s possible to add .wav files via the web UI of the phone, but how do i get there? I found and entered the ip of the 6940 phone into both chrome and IE, and page can’t be displayed, does something have to be enabled to allow this in MiVoice Business first? Not sure where to look for that.




    At this time you can only upload Screen Savers to the 6900 series sets. I have reached out to the product line manager for a possible date when ring tones will be an option, when I hear back I’ll update you.

    Jason Hand

    I was able to get into the webui gui of the 6940 with the following commands and then login:
    • pd send <extension> enable_web to enable the webui
    • pd send <extension> disable_web to disable the webui

    however after that, not sure where if possible even to upload a ringtone file, there is an upload file option, but with only the following directories:

    Are any of those used for ringtones?
    What are those directories used for? Anything useful for my end?


    Steven Pankretic

    I was speaking with Mitel about this at the Mitel Next event last week. This will be an option in a future firmware release (probably in mid-2019).
    This is going to be rolled up into fixing other requests to make life easier for an admin:
    1. Easier uploads of wallpapers (backgrounds)
    2. Easier uploads & creation of screensavers
    3. Easier uploads of ring tones
    A number of these updates are considered part of their “XML Web Service” upgrades

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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